Published by Alex
Published by Alex

Looks like Ariana Grande is going to be showing off more of her acting skills! Actress Susan Sarandon revealed that she just filmed scenes with Ariana for ‘Zoolander 2!’ This is going to be the most star-studded sequel ever!

Zoolander 2 has just added another mega star to its lineup! Ariana Grande, 22, recently filmed scenes for the highly-anticipated sequel, Susan Sarandon, 68, confirmed in an all-new interview.

How exciting! We’ve been anxiously awaiting Ariana’s role on the upcoming show Scream Queens, so this new role is just an added bonus! The pop star is no stranger to movies. She voiced the role of Laura in 2013’s Underdogs. Ariana joins the cast alongside Justin Bieber, 21, Kristen Wiig, 41, Ben Stiller, 49, and Owen Wilson, 46.

Source: Hollywood Life


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