Ariana’s 8th Grade Student ID Card

Does the girl in the picture look familiar to you? That’s because it’s eighth grader Ariana! While tweeting to her fans, Ari tweeted this new picture of her student ID card from 8th grade that her mom found. She still looks extremely pretty no doubt. (:

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2 Responses to Ariana’s 8th Grade Student ID Card

  1. kristin hardwick says:

    I love you Ariana grande! !!!!:))

  2. carolina alonso ruiz says:

    hi ariana I love your songs. you are so pretty. my birthday is next year on September 9. I would like you to come. I would pay anything to make you come. I am not that freak that love u so much, I am the kind of person that hears you songs and would like my first favorite artist to come to my birthday. by any chance if you read this and your one of those artist that cares than please replay back. I know that some artist that don’t care about childish things and I am turning 14 next year so please. I live in florida. if you replay back and give me your phone tan ill just call and tell you whats my address, if not I understand that you cant make. if not I know that you are one of those artist that cant even read one of your fans comments.bye

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